THe Local Wall

I created this documentary that corresponds to my thesis research paper "The Local Wall." I completed both in May 2016 to graduate with my Master of Journalism from University of Colorado Boulder.

I managed all research, reporting, creative, and technical processes from conception to distribution. I performed chief camera, sound, script development, and editing work for this project — along with assistance from a small crew I managed — all working within a budget of $5,000.

While the paper is meant to serve as a macro-examination of the Boulder music scene, this documentary is more of a micro-look. It is a case study of sorts, or perhaps an exposee. While the paper talks about the wall, this video talks about what happens inside it.

I aim to use this short version as an example, or 'pitch' video to gain funding or resources to expand this project, incorporate more bands, and tell more of the stories I originally visioned. But as a one-man-show, this is my product.

Please email me for the password to view the documentary, or to read the paper.